Seeking a Fair Child Support Settlement or Order

Each parent has a responsibility to support the well-being of their children and that responsibility does not cease if the marriage ends in divorce. California follows definite guidelines in calculating child support amounts. In cases where there is a dispute over the data used to determine the level of child support, an experienced divorce lawyer can work to reach a more favorable outcome on your behalf.

The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Stearman in Huntington Beach serves clients throughout Southern California. I help them to resolve all types of family law matters and have worked with many clients to reach a positive outcome in child support disputes. I have over 38 years of experience practicing law. I have a comprehensive understanding of California family law and I know the best approach to building a case that supports your position.

Impacts on the Level of Child Support

The court looks at a number of factors when making its determination on child support payments. The number of children being supported; the income levels of both parents; parenting time (time share) according to a custody agreement, court determination or court order and other factors all come into play. I will work to ensure that the court considers the correct criteria in its calculations.

I also help clients with modification and enforcement issues. I know all the requirements for modifications and I can help you request a change that better fits your current circumstances. If you are having trouble collecting your child support payments, I can help you through the process of notifying the Department of Child Support Services and represent you at any hearings as necessary. On the other hand, if you believe you are unfairly being targeted by the Department of Child Support Services for current or past due support, I can assist in defending you at any child support enforcement hearing.

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