Orange County Uncontested Divorce Attorney

If you wish to save both time and money in your divorce in California, a non-contested divorce may be right for you. In an uncontested divorce proceeding, neither party ever has to make an appearance inside a courtroom. If you are willing to compromise with the other party, you could get through your divorce process much more quickly.

I am attorney Jeffrey Stearman and I have been practicing divorce and family law for more than 38 years. I will use my experience and skill to negotiate a favorable uncontested divorce agreement for you. Contact my law office by e-mail or call 714-871-7778 for a FREE initial phone consultation.

Non-Contested Divorce Representation in Huntington Beach, California

As a divorce lawyer, I understand the ups and downs that a couple can go through in the divorce process. An uncontested divorce is meant to avoid these obstacles and have the parties go their separate ways as quickly and efficiently as possible. During a non-contested proceeding, the parties are able to negotiate their own agreement on how property is distributed and what each other’s rights are in the future.

I will work with you to help protect your interests and save you money. Together, we will build a plan that works for you.

Divorce Documents and Limited-Scope Representation

If your divorce involves more complicated property division, child custody/visitation/support aspects, I will draft the proper court documents and/or settlements agreements for you. I also provide a unique option for my divorce clients. If you wish to save money by using the services of a huntington-beach noncontested divorce attorney for limited purposes, I will represent you on the specific matter you need help with. This way, you will be able to consult with me for the matters that are most urgent to you, while avoiding payments for services that are not as time sensitive.

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Contact my office to receive prompt answers to your non-contested divorce questions. You can call 714-871-7778 for a FREE initial phone consultation or send me an e-mail. I am available by phone during regular business hours and regularly check e-mail during evenings and weekends.