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When circumstances in your life change, you may be able to raise or lower your support payments based on your needs. It is important to have a California attorney in your corner who knows how to properly calculate your income and evaluate your situation in order to best protect your interests.

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Modify Child Support and Modify Child Custody and Visitation Orders

Whether your work hours require a change in your visitation schedule, or your income levels have changed requiring a modification of child support, we can help. California follows strict guidelines for child support payments. The calculations use parenting time and income levels to determine the correct amount your child needs. I can analyze the factors affecting your support payments and fight to get a change that will protect your rights.

In order to modify a child custody order, a significant change must have occurred, usually one that can cause harm to the child. Events that could require a change to a custody agreement include relocation, a drug or alcohol problem or a parent’s new love interest who presents a danger to your child.

Spousal Support Modifications

There are two main types of spousal support — temporary and permanent. Permanent support is issued after the divorce is completed. A judge sets a temporary support order during the divorce process to attempt to maintain the lifestyles of both individuals. Factors a judge uses to determine the support amount include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Standard of living
  • Earning capacity of each spouse
  • Debts and assets of both spouses

Contact a Competent Support-Modification Attorney

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