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At the Huntington Beach, Orange County based Law Office of Jeffrey D. Stearman, I help clients throughout Southern California resolve family-law issues. I am an attorney who understands the anger and frustration that comes with a divorce and other family-law matters. Contact my law firm at (714) 871-7778 to speak with a lawyer who you can count on to get you through this period as painlessly as possible. Although I can’t protect your heart, I CAN protect your RIGHTS!

Your Advocate During a Difficult Time

Working through any type of family law issue can be an extremely traumatic and difficult time for everyone involved. Emotions are high and it can be difficult to deal with all of the demands that are being put on your shoulders. It is times like these that you need a trusted counselor and friend who can remain objective and continually look out for your best interests.

Assistance With Any Family-Law Issue.

I provide guidance to individuals going through a divorce and will represent you in all the issues that can arise from it, including:

I can also work with you to modify any existing support or custody orders. Once these orders are filed, you can rely on me to enforce your agreements.

I can’t protect your heart, but I can protect your heart


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I am never too busy to take your phone call or to see you if you need to drop by my office without an appointment. If I am out of the office when you try to reach me, I will follow up within 24 hours. Contact my office by e-mail or call 714-871-7778 for a free consultation where we will personally discuss your family-law questions. I am available by phone during regular business hours, and regularly check e-mail during evenings and weekends.