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U.S. Divorce Rates Spike During COVID-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 virus has had a serious impact on marriages in the United States. One indication of this is the spike in sales of “divorce agreements” for the do-it-yourselfers. Although this is NOT something I would recommend utilizing, it was reported by Legal Templates, a company that sells legal documents on-line, that there was a 34% increase in their sales of divorce related documents. Further, reports seemed to indicate that within the first 3 weeks of being quarantined, relationships started to deteriorate.
New issues couples needed to learn to deal with were not only being quarantined, but also financial issues including unemployment, illnesses of family members, death of loved ones and issues with child care and schooling for children.

It has also been reported by many attorneys that parties to a divorce are “behaving badly” towards each other, more than ever before. With Covid-19 still lingering on in the U.S., it is predicted we will see more and more divorce and/or legal separation filings.

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